Medical Thermography provides a non-invasive, comprehensive assessment of the level of inflammation in your body – the most important indicator of your current state of health.
The skin responds to physiological changes and a thermography camera generates a thermal map of the body that shows normal or abnormal thermal patterns
These thermal patterns identify:
– Inflammation, congestion, and injury.
– The cause of illness such as dental issues, musculoskeletal imbalances, toxins/pathogens, or emotional stress
– Assessing these thermal variations provides an in depth look at changes in the function of the body function and can aid in developing a targeted treatment plan.

Imaging appointment: 30-60 minutes in length depending on study.
An in depth health assessment in the form of a written report. This report tells you what the thermal patterns in your study mean, what the key areas of focus are, and what the treatment plan should be.
Follow-up phone call with our clinic director and thermology interpreter to review findings.
We recommend booking a follow-up thermography scan to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment protocol and help to determine if your state of health is improving.

Clinic dates held at Pura Vida Nutrition Store for 2024 are:  Tues Jan 23;  Tues April 23; Tues July 23; Tues Oct 22.

For more information on pricing and to schedule please visit www.thermographymedicalclinic.com

Find out if you have inflammation before it becomes a chronic condition:

 Baseline Study 

» visualizes current state of health and prioritizes areas of concern.

 Follow-up Studies 

» monitor progress towards optimal health and wellness.


Thermography image

Image of Thermography